Thursday, November 18, 2010

King Felix Wins AL Cy Young

It was announced today that Felix Hernandez won the American League Cy Young award. Well deserved. I personally favored Cliff Lee because he dominated in most sabermetrical statistics I typically look at for pitchers:

Fangraphs' WAR
Cliff Lee: +7.1
Felix Hernandez: +6.3

Cliff Lee: 2.58
Felix Hernandez: 3.04

Cliff Lee: 2.65
Felix Hernandez: 2.93 

Cliff Lee: 3.03
Felix Hernandez: 3.16

However, with that said, I think King Felix was a fine choice, as one can easily make a strong case for him (for instance, would Cliff Lee maintain such a low FIP if he threw as many innings as Hernandez did?). I think the voters did a fine job here, as it's an indicator they are finally beginning to look deeper than just the useless pitcher wins stat. Let's hope this continues. But this shouldn't be about them - congratulations King Felix!

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